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At the Police Station


We are based in Brentwood, Essex, so we are well placed to cover Police Stations across London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire.  We regularly attend Basildon, Grays, Southend, Harlow, Chelmsford, Stansted and Braintree Police Stations.  However, we also attend upon request at Police Stations anywhere in the UK.


Most of our Police Station work is undertaken personally by Coral Fitzgerald, who has represented many hundreds, if not thousands of clients who find themselves detained at the Police Station.


Many Lawyers agree that criminal matters can be won or lost at the Police Station - so don't attend alone.  We are one phone call away.


In many cases, having a Solicitor at the Police Station can make a huge difference to the outcome.  Choose wisely.  Fitzgerald Solicitors do not send trainees or inexperienced representatives to the Police Station.  We believe that being arrested and detained is a worrying experience.  We believe that you are entitled to a fearless, knowledgable and experienced lawyer to represent you. 


Whilst Coral Fitzgerald has considerable experience in the Police Station in relation to all manner of offences,  she has considerable and valuable experience in cases of (1) Sexual Offences  (2) Domestic Violence (3) Fraud Cases (4) Motoring Offences

In the Magistrates Court

Fitzgerald Solicitors have years of experience dealing with clients who have been charged, summonsed or remanded to attend Court.


We understand how worrying this time can be, and we will support you throughout your matter.


Our small, experienced team can advise you about bail, plea, venue, credit, procedure, defences, hearsay evidence, bad character evidence, sentence and appeal. 


We ensure that our clients receive the best possible representation. 


If you are taking your matter to trial, we have years of experience, both as litigators and trial advocates.  Over the years, we have also enjoyed some considerable success!  Whilst there are simply no guarantees, we will ensure that no stone is unturned in preparing your defence.


Have a look at our Notable Cases section for more information.


Notable Cases Section

In the Crown Court


If your case proceeds to the Crown Court - either because you 'elect' or 'choose' to have a Crown Court trial, or because the Magistrates deem your matter unsuitable for 'summary' or 'Magistrates Court' trial, or because you are charged with a matter which is 'indictable only,' - Fitzgerald Solicitors are uniquely placed to assist.


Coral Fitzgerald is a Solicitor Advocate who has undertaken a number of Crown Court trials personally.  She has also successfully appealed to the Court of Appeal.  Coral is in the unusual position of being qualified and experienced to undertake a case from arrest through to Crown Court trial and beyond.


Fitzgerald Solicitors also regularly instructs a very experienced Solicitor Advocate who can assist from the outset.  An experienced consultant paralegal, with an eye for detail and technicality, also assists with the caseload whenever necessary.


Having direct, personal Crown Court trial advocacy experience, Coral Fitzgerald is uniquely placed to ensure that any trial Advocate instructed, for either Crown or Magistrates Court matters, is of high calibre and will fearlessly represent you.  We only use Barristers or Solicitor Advocates from a small, selective pool.


See Our Notable Cases section for further Information.


For Help with Terms - see our 'Guide to the Court' Section


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Fitzgerald Solicitors is Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Firm Number 553427.



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