At present, all work is undertaken by Coral Fitzgerald, Solicitor.  In the unlikely event that she is not available for your court hearing (this would be discussed with you), we would instruct a Barrister or Solicitor Advocate whose work is known personally to Coral Fitzgerald.


Fitzgerald Solicitors deals with all matters by way of a pre-agreed fixed fee so that the price you pay is certain.  Only where the case takes some unexpected twist or turn (for example if the Crown laid a more serious charge) would the price ever alter. 


For summary motoring matters our pricing structure is as follows:


(1) For a single guilty plea hearing (assuming the case finishes on the same day) the cost is a fixed fee of £500 + VAT (Total £600.00).  Any adjournment - for example for the preparation of a pre-sentence report - would mean a further hearing and a further fee.  This is however, an unlikely eventuality for a summary only motoring offence.


(2) For an application for Exceptional Hardship the cost is between £700 - £1000 + VAT (£840 - £1200 total).  It is impossible to provide a definitive fixed fee since the work to be undertaken varies considerably from case to case.  We do conduct most cases for £700 + VAT.  However, there are occassional cases where considerably more work is required.


(3) For a motoring matter proceeding to trial, the cost is a fixed fee of between £2,000 - £3,000 + VAT (£2,400 - £3,600).  Again, there are cases where considerably more work is required - hence the span.  Again, we have conducted in excess of 90% of motoring trials for £2,000 + VAT.


(4) If you wish to run a Special Reasons argument, this is effectively a trial and as such, the fees at (3) would apply.


(5) For assistance in writing a letter of mitigation or for assistance in the early stages of your case (i.e. before there is any Court work to be undertaken) we offer a fixed fee appointment for £150 + VAT (Total £180).  


PLEASE NOTE AN APPOINTMENT IS ALWAYS NEEDED.  Please contact Coral Fitzgerald if you want to discuss your matter further.








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