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Being accused or charged with any offence is a worrying time.  But if you are charged with a sexual offence that worry tends to increase ten-fold.


Coral Fitzgerald has represented many people who face such an unpleasant accusation and is well placed to represent you in either the Police Station, the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.


Fitzgerald Solicitors has an excellent track record in cases involving sexual allegations.  We are well aware of the problems 'lack of disclosure,' is currently causing in all criminal cases - but particularly so in this arena.  


Whether you accept any wrongdoing or not - Coral Fitzgerald can assist and guide you through the processes and advise you each and every step of the way.


Coral Fitzgerald is assisted in her practice by Mr. Mitchell Cohen (as a Consultant), who is a leading Solicitor Advocate and Sexual Offences Specialist.   Mitchell Cohen was shortlisted for the prestigious Law Society 'Solicitor Advocate of the Year,' Award in 2014.  He has successfully represented many clients all over the UK for matters involving a sexual accusation.  Coral can also call upon a wealth of other Barristers to assist.  Coral will only call upon Barristers or Solicitor Advocates whose work is personally known to her.  Coral is a Higher Courts Advocate herself, so is well placed to understand the quality of the representation provided by others.


Between them, the team has secured no further action at the investigation state and acquittals in Court in over 90% of the contested cases they have run involving Sexual Offences.


Coral Fitzgerald is well placed to offer you practical as well as legal advice during this difficult time.


If you want to discuss your situation further - please call Coral Fitzgerald on 07790 356069.


In order to give you some idea of the work Coral Fitzgerald has undertaken in recent years (in relation to Sexual Offences), below is a list of 20 cases - roughly half are court matters and half police station matters.  This is included to give you some insight as to the depth and diversity of cases Coral Fitzgerald has undertaken.  This is not here to represent all the cases we have undertaken - and with the best will in the world, it is not possible to win every single case on which we are instructed - although that is always our aim!


(1) (Crown Court Matter) Youth Defendant - 2 x rape charges involving different complainants.  Acquitted All Matters.  (Coral Fitzgerald as litigator / Mitch Cohen as Counsel)


(2) (Crown Court Matter) Adult Defendant - 2 x Sexual assault charges involving two different family members (who had never met) - Client acquitted all matters. (Coral Fitzgerald as litigator and early hearings Counsel.  Mitch Cohen as Trial Counsel)


(3) (Crown Court Matter) Stranger rape - acquitted. (Coral Fitzgerald as litigator and Nick Bonehill of 2 Pump Court as Trial Counsel)


(4) (Police Station Matter) Rape accusation following a date - defence consent - no further action at the Police Station. (Coral Fitzgerald representing)


(5) (Magistrates Court Matter) Accusation of voyeurism - discontinued following election of Crown Court Trial and representations to the Prosecution. (Coral Fitzgerald representing)


(6) (Crown Court Matter) Accusation of rape - defence consent - discontinued during the Crown Court following service of unused material, which had been sought by the defence from the outset, with the case listed no fewer than 5 times for directions to be sought from the Judge. (Coral Fitzgerald as Litigator.  Matthew Bagnall of 187 Fleet Street as Trial Counsel).


(7) (Police Station) Partner Rape - No further action at the Police Station following insistence that matters raised by the client were investigated urgently.  As a consquence, the complainant was subsequently investigated for perverting the course of justice. (Coral Fitzgerald representing).


(8) (Police Station) Date Rape - No further action at the Police Station following full comment interview by the client (with Coral Fitzgerald representing).


(9) (Crown Court matter)( Acquittal on a charge of sexual assault against former partner following trial.  Coral Fitzgerald / Mitch Cohen representing.


(10) (Crown Court Matter) Charge of sexual assault at the Crown Court (Landlord on tenant).  Bind Over successfully negotiated.  (Coral Fitzgerald representing as Counsel).


(11)  (Police Station Matter) No Further Action at the Police Station.  Client arrested following return to UK for holiday (client living abroad).  Historical sexual offences (including rape) alleged against daughter.  Full comment interview advised (following lengthy discussions about jurisdiction).  No further action taken (Coral Fitzgerald representing).


(12) (Crown Court Matter) Case of Grooming.  Unusual case in that the complainant was charged with serious criminal matters in relation to a different incident.  Prosecution eventually discontinue the case following lengthy representations and Judicial comment.  (Coral Fitzgerald as Litigator and Counsel.  Mitch Cohen as Trial Counsel). 


(13) (Police Station Matter) Historical accusation of sexual assault - in breach of trust.  No Further Action at the Police Station. Coral Fitzgerald representing.


(14) (Police Station Matter) Historical accusation of rape - no further action taken at the investigation stage following representation by Coral Fitzgerald.


(15) (Crown Court matter) Custody avoided in an uncontested case involving thousands of illegal images.  Number of images substantially reduced following negotiation (due to the inappropriate method the Prosecution had used to calculate the same).  3 year community order imposed.  (Coral Fitzgerald as Litigator and Counsel).


(16) (Police Station Matter) No further action in a case of exposure / grooming following representation at the Police Station (Coral Fitzgerald).


(17) (Crown Court Matter) Custody avoided in an uncontested case involving many illegal images.  This was following the provision of a lengthy and well considered psychological report - which the Judge used (along with the Probation report) to support his sentence.  2 year community order.  (Coral Fitzgerald as litigator / Mitch Cohen as Counsel).


(18) (Police Station Matter) No Further Action taken following representation in the Police Station in relation to accusations of male rape and sexual assault. (Coral Fitzgerald represents).


(19) (Police Station Matter) No Further Action in a case involving historical accusations of rape against sister.  (Coral Fitzgerald represents).


(20) (Crown Court Matter) Client is acquitted of rape but convicted of sex with an underage girl.  Upon sentence, custody was avoided in this matter despite the sentencing guidelines which suggested to the contrary. (Coral Fitzgerald as litigator / Mitch Cohen as Trial Counsel).





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