Other Offences

It is impossible to list all the possible offences in which Coral Fitzgerald has acted as Litigator or Advocate.


However, alongside the matters already mentioned, she has successfully represented clients in cases of Greivous Bodily Harm, Assault By Beating, Having a Dangerous Dog Out of Control in a Public Place (injury and non injury cases), Causing Death by Careless Driving, Pubic Order Act offences, Offensive weapon and Bladed Article Offences, Criminal Damage matters, Arson with intent matters, Child cruelty matters, animal cruelty matters, breach of protective order cases (e.g. restraining order), illegal sale of alcohol cases,  Interference with vehicles, assaulting and or obstructing a police officer and drugs cases.


See The Notable Cases section for more information.  Or speak to Coral on 07790 356069 for more information.



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