During her career, Coral Fitzgerald has undertaken a considerable number of notable cases, both as Litigator and Advocate.  Just a small proportion of them are noted below.   Notable Motoring matters are also included in the Motoring Section.


For reasons of confidentiality, each case is referred to by a letter and only a little detail is given.  





R v P - Appeal against refusal of exceptional hardship in the Magistrates Court. Coral Fitzgerald as Counsel.  Exceptional Hardship found in the Crown Court.




R v D -  Dangerous Dogs Act case.  Coral Fitzgerald as Counsel. Crown Court trial does not proceed following a Defence submission about the Interpretation of the Act.  No evidence offered by the Crown following the Judge's ruling.



 R v P - Successful appeal against sentence to the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in relation to a matter of possession with intent to supply.  Sentence substantially reduced. Coral Fitzgerald as Counsel.



R v B - successful appeal against conviction - 6 years out of time!  (Unusual circumstances but an excellent result given the timescale)



R v Y - Junior Avocate on a cracked mortgage fraud matter, where the Prosecution accepted a plea on a very limited basis, following representations arising from the unused material that others in the process were also or more culpable.  Non-custodial outcome achieved, despite this being the client's second conviction for mortgage fraud.



R v T GBH (Section 20) Case Dismissed at Half Time following a submission of no case to answer (unusually heard in the Magistrates Court)



R v I - Successful submission that the Prosecution could not renege on an agreement that a bind over was a suitable disposal.



R v Z - Acquittal on a case of Arson With Intent - particularly notable, since on the face of it, the Prosecution evidence was overwhelming.



R v G - Acquittal on an offensive weapon case with very unusual facts.  Particularly remarkable given the nature of the offensive weapon.



 R v K - Matter discontinued following representations to the Crown on a matter of Assault Occassioning Actual Bodily Harm.



R v L - Case discontinued on a Vulnerable Groups Act matter, following representations to the Prosecution about the elements of the offence and their tenuous evidence on the points.



R v X - Suspended sentence achieved on a matter of Possession With Intent to Supply - where the starting point was custody of some years.



R v Z - Acquittal in relation to various racially aggravated offences.  This matter had two summary only offences which were remitted back to the Magistrates Court following acquittal.  Those matters were discontinued following representations to the Prosecution.



R v F - Successful half time submission (i.e. a submission of no case to answer) on the basis of missing identification evidence in a witness intimidation case.



R v J - Acquittal in a drugs related murder case.



R v C - Acquittal in serious sexual charges involving a youth defendant.  (This case involved two complainants and the matters were joined for the purposes of the Crown Court trial).  This was an excellent result, given the two complainants.  Fitzgerald Solicitors also represented the same defendant for a matter of Possesion of a Bladed Article.  Client also acquitted of that offence.



R v G - Acquittal in a very complicated fraud case involving Charity Law issues.  Most of the case had been withdrawn by the Prosecution by the first day of the trial, by virtue of what amounted to forensic accountancy work undertaken personally by Coral Fitzgerald.  What started with a case involving some 8 charges (including False Accounting) ended with a trial on a single issue involving an alleged misrepresentation during chartiy collections.  Client acquitted.


R v J - Acquittal in serious sex offences case involving two complainants.  



R v P - Joined to Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings as a third party (a process which is only recently available). Third party was not a defendant in the case, but was at risk of having her assets included in the 'recoverable amount,' finding in a Proceeds of Crime Act case. Certain assets (in the region of £475,000 in value) completely removed from schedule of available assets following service of statements and documentation.  Large sum of money  (circa £27,000) also removed from the Defendant's list of unexplained credits as a result of the work Coral Fitzgerald undertook on this case.



R v D Domestic Assault - Case Dismissed at Half Time following a submission of no case to answer.  Third acquittal for the same client!


R v W Complicated Harassment on behalf of a very vulnerable client dealt with by way of a non conviction Restraining Order on the day of trial - despite the client's repeated non-attendance at Court.



R v R - Acquittal on an alleged breach of a restraining order (third breach).



R v C - Successfully argued dimished responsibility on murder case, reducing murder to manslaughter.



R v A -  Successful abuse of process argument in relation to missing CCTV evidence.  Stay in proceedings.



R v W - Successful half time submission on an assault case, where the Police had failed to conduct Identification Procedures.



R v A - Acquittal on a dangerous driving (reduced to careless driving) matter, contrary to evidence of four Crown witnesses


R v X -   Confiscation case in which the benefit figure was successfully negotiated from £1.3million to circa. £25,000.















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