Motor Law Matters - The Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course

IIf you are convicted of drink driving / drunk in charge or failing to provide a specimen of breath, you might be offered the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course.


The course can reduce the period of your disqualification by up to 25%.  It is therefore worth giving this some careful consideration.


All you will need to do in Court is confirm that you wish to undertake the Course.  If you later change your mind, there is no penalty.  However, you will lose the reduction in the period of your disqualification and you will remain a disqualified driver for the entire period imposed upon you.


The Course costs in the region of £160 - £200 and you will be given a date by which you must complete the Course.  If you fail to complete the course within the requisite period, there is no line of appeal and nothing the Court can do to extend the period.  If you have been convicted of a relevant offence and have not heard from the Course provider - you should contact the sentencing court as a matter of urgency.


There are many different providers of the course.  You can find the providers by visiting this site - and providing your postcode.


You do need to choose a provider before you attend Court because the Court will ask you which provider you wish to choose.


IIf you have a previous conviction for a relevant offence, the course might not be offered to you.


IFor more information, or to discuss this issue further - contact Coral Fitzgerald on 07790 356069.






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