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Nothing contained in this website is intended to give legal advice.


Criminal defence cases are complicated and each case will turn on its own particular facts.


If you face an investigation or a criminal case in Court, or you have received a fixed penalty notice, summons or postal requisition, you should seek direct legal advice about YOUR case.  It will be slightly different to all other cases.  Do not rely on anything you take to be generic advice.


Nothing contained in this website is intended to take the place of direct legal advice.  It is designed to give you an insight into Fitzgerald Solicitors and the work of Coral Fitzgerald only.  Do not rely upon it in order to run your own case in the absence of proper legal advice.


There is an old saying,

'He who represents himself has a fool for a client.'  It is true!  Solicitors train for a minimum of six years before they are permitted to even represent a simple case in a Criminal Court.  There is a reason for that!  The law is complicated and varied and there are occassions where the slightest detail can make all the difference to a case.  Solicitors will advise you about that directly.


Coral Fitzgerald will accept no liability or responsibility for misguided reliance based upon the information in this website.  Whilst everything contained within it is believed to be accurate, it is only intended to form generic information and not specific advice.  You can only get specific advice about your particular case by seeking legal advice - not reading websites.



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