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Sole Practitioner

Fitzgerald Solicitors is owned and run by Coral Fitzgerald - a Sole Practitioner and Solicitor Advocate.  Whilst Coral works predominantly on her own, she is assisted by a Secretary, Senior Consultant paralegal and Senior Consultant Solicitor Advocate

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Recent Awards

Fitzgerald Solicitors was shortlisted for Advocacy Firm of the Year by Lawyer Monthly Magazine 2017.  Coral Fitzgerald also won Advocacy Solicitor of the Year 2018 by Finance Monthly Magazine.  She has been shortlisted for the Global Award.

Our Mission

What we can do for you

It is nice to be recognised, but Fitzgerald Solicitors is run by Coral Fitzgerald who has spent her career working in the criminal justice system.  Coral believes passionately in defending people in the Police Station and Court, with considerable success.

Fitzgerald Solicitors - What We Do

Protecting Your Driving Licence

Fitzgerald Solicitors have successfully represented many clients in Motoring Matters.  From Speeding and Totting to Dangerous Driving - Fitzgerald Solicitors have a proven track record in protecting their client's licences and liberty. We have successfully made many exceptional hardship applications, successfully defended special reasons hearings, mobile phone cases, careless driving, dangerous driving and drink and drug driving cases.  Speak to Coral for some further assistance.



Protecting Your Liberty

Whilst many offences will never result in a custodial sentence, even where there is a conviction, there are cases where custody is a possibility.  Coral Fitzgerald has a proven track record in avoiding custody for her clients - even in cases where it seemed the most likely option - or where the Sentencing guidelines give a starting point of a custodial sentence.  Read more about the guidelines below.  For motoring offences, you find the guidelines in the Motoring Section.



Protecting Your Good Character

Often the most worrying aspect of being in a court or a Police Station is the risk of losing your good character.  Fitzgerald Solicitors have represented many clients and maintained their good character by securing no further action in the Police Station and acquittals in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court.  We pride ourselves in being on your side - and only on your side!  Coral Fitzgerald is experienced and approachable and can offer practical advice throughout the process.



Particular areas of Speciality

Whilst her understanding and technical ability means she can represent defendants charged with any offence, Coral Fitzgerald has developed particular speciality in cases of alleged Motoring offences,  Domestic Violence, Dangerous Dogs cases (including applications in relation to Prohibited Dogs), Sexual Offences (our Consultant Solicitor Advocate is a SO specialist) and applications under the Proceeds of Crime Act to secure a confiscation order following conviction.







131 - 133 Roman Road, Mountnessing, Brentwood, Essex CM15 0UD.


Mobile: 07790 356069 




Fitzgerald Solicitors will accept Instructions in Private cases only.  We take our work very seriously and want to concentrate our efforts on attaining the very best result possible for all our clients.  Paying privately might not be as expensive as you think.  Please call Coral Fitzgerald for a fixed fee quotation.  Fitzgerald Solicitors cover cases all over Essex, London, Hertfordshire and Ken.





Based In Brentwood, Essex but Coral Fitzgerald regularly travels to Courts all over England to represent clients

  • ​Whatever the stage of your case, we can help!
  • If you have been arrested, summonsed (postally requisitioned), charged or wish to appeal against a conviction - we can help!  Call Coral Fitzgerald directly on 07790 356069.


Coral Fitzgerald is a Sole Practioner who runs Fitzgerald Solicitors.  Whilst, Coral Fitzgerald is a Sole Practitioner, she has been practising for many years and can call upon a wealth of other Solicitors and Advocates to assist.

Fitzgerald Solicitors has been in existence since 2010.


Coral Fitzgerald takes pride, not only in assisting people with their case, but in affording practical assistance and support to those who find themselves under investigation or in Court.  It is not an easy time and Coral Fitzgerald has a wealth of experience to call upon, in order to assist and support you.  Fitzgerald Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.







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